ZANE Finest Cordyceps, a premium highly concentrated superfood packed with 6X active ingredients of Adenosine and Cordycepin.

Thanks to the higher levels of Adenosine and Cordycepin, you’ll enjoy a natural boost to your overall wellness to help fight your own body’s natural resistance to external factors.

Promotes Healthy Lifestyle

Superior and premium oriental herb to help boost wellness and vitality with massive nutrients.

Natural & Pure

ZANE Finest Cordyceps is pure with 6 times active ingredients, Adenosine and Cordycepin. See reviews from our happy customers

Safety Is Our Priority

We meet GMP Quality Standards. ISO 22000 & HACCP Food Quality System Certified. Product of Singapore.

Natural Ingredients

ZANE Finest Cordyceps is pure and natural cordyceps militaris with no preservatives, no artificial colour and no flavouring.

Portable & Versatile On-The-Go

Bring it everywhere you go! Pure cordyceps packed in individual sachet sealed for freshness and easily absorbed by the body. You can consume ZANE Finest Cordyceps straight after opening the inner bag in the sachet, brew as a tea or added to porridge or soup. Recommended to drink 1 to 2 sachets daily.

Amazing Benefits & Uses of Cordyceps

Cordyceps is renowned herb used in Chinese traditional medicine (TCM) for centuries.

Affordable Superfood

More affordable alternative to Wild Cordyceps. Tested in Singapore within limits of microbial and toxic heavy metal.

Vegetarian and Halal `{`MUIS Singapore`}`

If you are vegetarian or Muslim, ZANE Finest Cordyceps is an ideal addition to your diet.

Super Health Brand Award

We’re proud to be one of the brands that have received the Super Health Brand Award.

Tasty Singapore Brand Ambassador

We’re proud to be one of the brands that exemplify the taste of Singapore and we are commited to innovation, quality, safety and delicious food.

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