The First Ready-To-Eat Healthy Food Infused With Goodness Of Cordyceps!


Cologne, Germany (October 7, 2017) – Singapore Health & Wellness company, ZANE unveils a super healthy range of Cordyceps Gourmet Delicacy with massive nutrients and fewer calories, the world has ever seen at Anuga Trade Fair 2017. ZANE Cordyceps Gourmet Delicacy is set to delight taste buds and make it easy for anyone to live healthy despite their busy lifestyle.

Each ZANE Cordyceps Gourmet Delicacy represents perfection and intricacies that goes into creation by our chefs. What’s more is that they are easy to prepare and packed full of flavour, nutrients-dense and healing properties. The cuisine is made fresh with no preservatives and then frozen for your convenience which is Ready-to-Eat anytime: Just Reheat and Enjoy!

“The most important aspect of eating well and healthy forever is probably to cook for yourself.” Said Kevin Chia, Chairman and Founder of ZANE. “However, no one has the time and that’s why we have designed these affordable products to address the gap of a complete Healthy Ready-to-Eat of Singapore signature delicacies and popular vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines insanely ready to prepare in minutes.”

ZANE Cordyceps Gourmet Delicacy is cooked for long hours with ZANE Cordyceps, 6X higher active ingredients that Wild Cordyceps, based by Singapore Test Report. Wild Cordyceps is rare and is priced at more than twice their weight in gold and reserved for those who could afford to add it to their diet. Cordyceps, a superior herb is regarded to be an excellent rejuvenator, providing the best remedy for anaemic, body fluid loss, excessive fatigue and body aches. It strengthens the immune system, reducing effects of aging, promoting longevity, treating lethargy and improving liver, lung and kidney functions.

The Ready Meals industry is one of the fastest growing industries and the demands for healthy choice are growing tremendously. ZANE is poised to offer healthier and tastier choices and exciting cuisine to match the evolving trends of consumer needs.

ZANE is will be hosting a Chef Demonstration for food tasting of some of our products at our booth at the following dates and times:

Sat, 7 Oct 2017 11:45 a.m. ZANE Finest Cordyceps (made into Jelly)

Sun, 8 Oct 2017 2:45 p.m. Cordyceps Emperor Chicken

Mon, 9 Oct. 2017 1:15 pm Cordyceps Bak Kut Teh (Singapore
Signature Dish: Spare ribs)

Mon, 9 Oct. 2017 2:45 pm ZANE Finest Cordyceps (made into Jelly)

Tues, 10 Oct 2017 2:45 pm Cordyceps Emperor Chicken

Weds, 11 Oct. 2017 Whole Day ZANE Finest Cordyceps Drink

To learn more about the ZANE Cordyceps Gourmet Delicacy and Heavenly ZANE Cordyceps Gourmet Delicacy, we welcome you to visit our company’s booth at the Anuga Trade Fair located at Hall 2.1, Hall A-056 under the Singapore Pavilion.

About ZANE

ZANE, headquartered in Singapore is passionate and understand the true value of holistic and natural approach to wellness and active aging. We’ve unlocked the secret to health rejuvenation, combining scientific innovation, with proprietary processes to set industry-changing standards, with results that everyone can enjoy. There’s no better way to preserve the most precious asset you own – YOUR HEALTH! We did not create Cordyceps, we simply perfected it with higher active ingredients than all the other competition in the market. We offer healthier and tastier choices of ZANE Cordyceps Gourmet Delicacy that has power-packed nutrients with the goodness of ZANE Cordyceps.

Media Contact:

Ms Michelle Chan, Chief Marketing Officer
ZANE Pte Ltd
46 East Coast Road #10-01 Eastgate, Singapore 428766