Frequent Night Urination, Improved Sleep, Lowered High blood pressure, Recover Quickly After Hangover, Testimonials

Mr Keith Koh (Singapore)

Mr Keith Koh (Singapore)

Male, 41 years old, 87kg, 1.8m, Smoker, Don’t work out at all

Lowered Blood Pressure / Improved Frequent Night Urination / Improved Sleep / Improved Backache / Recover Quickly after Hangover

Before taking the cordyceps

  • My blood reading was at SYS140+/DIA100+.
  • Difficulty getting to sleep
  • Difficulty getting up in the morning, especially after having alcohol the night before
  • Frequent nightly toilet breaks
  • Backaches when I feel tired.

After one month of consumption

  • After 7 days – SYS130+/DIA90+, after 14days – SYS120+/DIA80+
  • My sleep is back to normal,
  • Less toilet breaks
  • I wake up in the morning feel very fresh, even if I have alcohol the night before.
  • I can feel an increase in my stamina.
  • I don’t feel tired nor need afternoon nab.

After taking cordycep, it really feels like I’m going back to my younger days