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Michael J Roberts (Singapore)

Michael J Roberts (Singapore)

Improved Post Cancer Recovery / Improved Sleep / Improved Appetite / Feel Energetic and Rejuvenated

In late December 2010, I was diagnosed with 3 Tumors -Oesophageal Cancer (Throat) and Stomach Cancer Stage 3. I underwent 51⁄2 hour operation where a portion of my Oesophageal was taken out, and 50% of my Stomach was removed and reconstructed to my Oesophageal; my Gall Bladder, One Rib and some muscle was also removed. Incurred over SGD125,000 in medical treatment costs and lost 30kgs within 3 months.

In February 2015, I suffered a stroke where MRI found a blood clot and tumor at the rear of my head. A 61⁄2 hr Brain Surgery was urgently performed to remove part of the brain and tumor, and a Metal plate was inserted. Post-surgery, I lacked energy, frequently waking up to use the toilet, and loss of appetite.

In mid-2016, I was introduced to a Super food by ZANE called Cordyceps Tea. Within a few weeks, I experienced an increase in Energy, less Headaches, better Sleep and better Appetite. I was impressed with the good effects of ZANE Finest Cordyceps Tea that I became a distributor so I could help others.