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Adrian (Singapore)

Adrian (Singapore)

Male, 42, 1.69m, 63kg, Smoker, Social Drinker

Improved Sleep / Recover Quickly after Hangover / Feel Energetic and Rejuvenated


  • At night and I would wake up intermittently sometimes. Therefore, proper 
resting of mind and body are always insufficient.
  • Resulted to morning when I wakes up I always have difficulty to get my day 
  • After a session of alcoholic drinking, I always get headaches and 
hangover the next day.

After taking ZANE Cordycep Tea

  • I don’t wake up in the middle of the night anymore
  • In the morning I feel so recharged, as if I have slept for more than 24hrs.
  • And the best part is, after drinking alcohol the night before, no more 
hangover or feeling tired when I wake up in the morning.
  • I realize my stamina has improve tremendously too!
  • I guess Zane Cordyceps tea makes all the changes.
  • Thanks Keith for giving me the chance to feel young again